Faith Alone?

So many people believe faith is all that one needs to make it into the Kingdom. It seems they do all they can to defend this perspective. However, is this what the scriptures teach? Though many claim the “Faith Alone” theology, they don’t realize they actually...

Foolish Controversies

Disagreements over the scriptures have been around for a long time. However, it’s what we do with those disagreements that matter. Differences of opinion have a way of pulling the worst out in everyone. Yet, they have the potential to pull the best out in everyone...

Always and Forever

No one would ever think of Isaiah as a false prophet. However, if someone chooses to believe YHWH did away with His law, they are inadvertently making him just that. A false prophet. This teaching discusses this very topic. You may be surprised at what the scriptures say regarding this issue.

The Choice

How do you describe the Word of YHWH? What’s your attitude towards it? While these may sound like foolish questions, our answer to them can determine how we live His eternal Word. This teaching presents a word of caution that every believer needs to consider.