About Us

Steve and Angela Moutria have been married since 1991. Their family consists of three beautiful children ages 13, 15, and 19. Steve was brought up in an Assembly of God church and served in several leadership positions while there. He later became a Youth Pastor at a non-denominational church where he served for 5 years. One of his passions was youth evangelism as well as being the praise and worship leader at a local assembly. All of this eventually led Steve to a pastoring position at a small church. After his tenure at being a pastor, Steve returned to youth evangelism and started a christian traveling comedy team. It was during this time that Steve and his family started attending a large Baptist church. While attending this church, Steve served in various positions, from Children’s Church Director to interim Youth Pastor. He later became director of both live and post video production. It was at this time Steve came to the understanding the Torah is still for all believers. From there, Steve teamed up with a friend and started 119 Ministries. Now that Steve has left 119 Ministries, he and his family are excited to be in a new chapter in their life by serving YHWH through TorahFamily.org.

It is Steve’s and his family’s prayer that you are blessed through TorahFamily.org.

Our Aim

come grow with us

TorahFamily.org is dedicated to seeking, teaching, and living out the whole truth of the Word. Our purpose is to constantly seek and bring the Word to families in all nations. We desire to help families unlearn false teachings and traditions of men, and equip them to grow in the Word. In this, we hope to convey how to live and practice the Word as originally intended.

We do not post a statement of faith, as we believe that can cause needless division among believers. We are all on a personal journey. We ourselves wouldn’t agree with elements of our own statement of faith that we had several years ago. Next year might vary from what we have today. Statements of faith, by their very nature, can hold an unyielding position for discussion. While there may be some elements of the faith that we consider basic or foundational, there are many topics we see as being open for dialogue.

We have found we can learn from people who may not agree with us on every topic. We pray you believe the same. Regardless of whether you agree with us on every subject, we hope we can help you learn and grow in the faith through our teachings. This is truly our aim.

Blessings & Shalom!

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