Judah PageThough we do not follow many of the traditions that are often found in Judaism, we acknowledge that traditions can be a good thing and play a major role in one’s faith. They are there to remind and teach of YHWH’s love for us. However, we believe that man made traditions should not be required in ones faith either.

While we respect and see value in Judah’s traditions, we see the Torah as the instructions for our faith and not the teachings and traditions of men. We acknowledge that there is much wisdom that can be gained in learning from others, yet we maintain that the Torah is to be the foundation from which we grow in the Faith.

The Jews hold a very high reverence for the name of God, and rightfully so, as it truly is the name above all names. That being said, we do not believe that one should avoid His name either.  His name is given to us many times in the scriptures and most patriarchs used His name.  With this perspective, we see not only a freedom but an example of using His name while holding a value and reverence for it.

We look forward to the day when both Judah and Ephraim, the lost tribes, re-unite under Messiah. They will be joined by all others who choose to follow YHWH. What a day that will be! We truly long for that day when we all learn the Truth together under Him.