Un-Civil War

Until Yeshua returns, there will always be disagreements. How we work through those disagreements is up to us. Do we allow them to divide us? Do we allow them to cause strife or dissension? If so, are we really walking as the body of...


In a world that focuses on self and self-promotion while striving to climb the ladder of success, we are called to walk a different path. So, are we? Take 30 minutes and find what it takes to be limitless in our walk with our Heavenly...

City on a Hill

Yeshua said a city on a hill could not be hidden. Join Steve in this short teaching as he visits the city Yeshua was referring to when He made that statement to His disciples. Consider the ramifications of what can happen if we don’t follow these instructions from...


Steve delivers a powerful message at the 2018 Camp Mashiach on what it takes to live the example to those around us. Though this message was delivered to teens, it applies to all ages.


Seasons come and go. However, letting go of some seasons in our life can be a difficult thing for many. YHWH brings change in our life for our good. How well do you do when that change comes in your life?

Run! Don’t Walk

Running the race we are called to live is not always that easy. We often temped to slow down or even just turn it into a walk for whatever reason. Join in for this short teaching as Steve addresses the topic of running the race of life.

Water Under the Bridge

Steve addresses a topic that very few people like to talk about. Forgiveness. Oh, everybody wants to be forgiven. Yet, when it comes to forgiving others, well, that’s a different topic. Take a few minutes to consider this short teaching.