Speaker: Joshua Myers

Experience of an Anxious Person

After having a work-related anxiety attack in 2017, Joshua left his job of 20 years. Until this point, he hadn't realized that he had anxiety issues. After this defining moment, he was able to see where he adjusted his life to live with the anxiety he had. Today, Joshua lives mostly anxiety free, understanding what triggers his anxiety and what to do when feeling anxious. His hope is others may glean something from his experience to utilize in their own lives.

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Speaker: Angela Moutria

Beauty for Ashes

Angela shares her journey of how she came to follow YHWH. She tells how He took pain and hurt and brought forth salvation, healing, and breakthrough. Showing there’s hope for the hurting. Showing there’s hope when it feels there isn’t any. Not only does her testimony encourage, it challenges us all who stand on the outside and judges others. It allows us to see how YHWH really does change lives. It gives understanding and realization of His grace in others.

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Speaker: Jason Towe

Torah Apologetics

Learn how to defend and share the Fatih of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in love. The Fatih that Yeshua, our Messiah Himself, lived out.

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Speaker: Jon Sherman

Overcoming Adversity

Going through hard times is never easy, especially hard times that can rock your world. Trying to see the hand of YHWH in these circumstances may be difficult, but we know He’s there.

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