Though we believe the first resurrection will take place before the tribulation, this doesn’t mean persecution isn’t coming. In fact, scripture speaks of a time when believers will be persecuted and even martyred for the Faith. Yet, Philadelphia is still promised to be kept from the hour that comes on the whole world. So, just how does it all fit together? This teaching sheds some light on it. In fact, this teaching will cause some who hold to the pre-trib view of the resurrection to be a little uncomfortable. While at the same time, it will cause some who hold to the mid and post trib view to re-examine their view as well.

– The One Year Tribulation and the Return of Yeshua
– One Third
– Satan’s Greatest Masquerade
– Satan’s Greatest Masquerade 2
– Image of the Beast
– The Return of the Tent
– “The Eternal Covenant”
– The Birth Pains
– Beware of the Noahide Laws
– The Anti-Christ
– The 2nd Exodus
– Armageddon and the Parousia
– Before the Harvest