The Greatest, the Least, and the Defiant

Yeshua said there will be people who are greater and least in the Kingdom. What are the criteria for these classes of people in the kingdom? What differentiates the least in the Kingdom from those who aren’t allowed in at all? Both the Torah and Yeshua said...

Heaven and Earth Testify

There are reasons why Yeshua said nothing from the Torah would be removed until Heaven and Earth pass away. Do you know what they are? Join Steve in this 15-minute teaching and consider how this statement from Yeshua shows the role Heaven and Earth will play in the...

As for Me and My House

There are so many opinions on how we should walk in obedience to our Heavenly Father. Yet, our focus shouldn’t be on what others are saying. Our focus should be on what we believe the Father is speaking to us individually. Steve shares his testimony and insight on how...

Hanukkah, Purim, and the End Times

While celebrating Hanukkah and Purim has become a topic of discussion for some, there is little debating their potential significance when it comes to prophecy. Steve digs deep on some points of contention to some traditional customs held by many for Hanukkah but reveals some interesting insights into how these two celebrations may play an essential part of Yeshua’s return.

City Slicker

Learning something new can seem so difficult at first. However, once you’ve learned it, it quickly becomes second nature to you. But until that time comes, it can just seem overwhelming. Join Steve as he gives this brief message and personal testimony in learning to make the wise…. simple.