Always and Forever

No one would ever think of Isaiah as a false prophet. However, if someone chooses to believe YHWH did away with His law, they are inadvertently making him just that. A false prophet. This teaching discusses this very topic. You may be surprised at what the scriptures say regarding this issue.

The New Feast Days and the Last Day of Sukkot

Steve gets interviewed at Now You See TV regarding his latest update to his article “The Last Day of Sukkot.” Steve shares his findings of how the last day of Sukkot relates to his recent teachings about the prophesied new moed’im, Holy Days, as mentioned in Zechariah 8:18. If Prophecy has ever been a topic of interest for you, this is an interview you don’t want to miss.

The Bridegroom Cometh!

Most everyone who is trying to walk after the ways of our savior will tell you how they long to hear the announcement of His return for His bride. That will truly be a joyous day. If you are longing for that day, as we’re sure you are, this is a teaching you will find of great interest as we all continue to watch and pray for that day to arrive.

The Righteous Judge

The Scriptures declare YHWH is a righteous judge. That’s something most all believe. Should we think YHWH gave His law to show we don’t have the ability to follow His righteousness? If one holds to that line of thought, can He remain The Righteous Judge?

We are the Body

Can the eye say to the hand “I don’t need you?” Of course not. However, what is our perspective regarding the body of Messiah? Join Steve in this short message on an important topic.