Understanding Winter or Sabbath

When it comes to studying the end times, Yeshua’s words about winter and the Sabbath may be some of the most difficult to understand. This short teaching takes a quick look at the various possibilities Yeshua could have meant when He gave us those words.    ...

On the Watch

Opinions vary on how and when Yeshua will return. However, this teaching will point out the possibility of why this could be the perfect time to be on the watch. Steve joins with Adam Fink from Parable of the Vineyard, discussing how the calendar shows a 1,290-day...

Little Victories

Sometimes life can seem overwhelming. Sometimes life can seem too much to try and get things “right,” as we place expectations on ourselves that are truly out of reach. Those are the times when we need to stop and realize we should take life one day at a time. One...

Watching for that Day

If you’ve ever had any interest in studying the end times, this is a teaching you don’t want to pass up. Steve presents an understanding regarding Yeshua’s return that has simply been overlooked until now. However, both the Old and New Testaments speak of it. This 25 minute teaching will radically change your understanding of the possibilities to Yeshua’s return and how the end times may play out. Watch it. Share it. See what we may have all been missing in plain sight.

The Shadow

We’ve heard many refer to Colossians chapter 2 in saying the Feast days and the Sabbath no longer apply for believers today. Join Steve as he examines the verses often cited for this understanding and see how the opposite is actually true from what is commonly held to.