Shavuot out of Egypt

This short but eye opening article answers several questions surrounding Shavuot. It also looks at the possibilities of how Shavuot could play a role in the end times. A necessary read for all believers!      Shavuot out of Egypt – Updated 5-11-18  ...

The Second Passover

The 2nd Passover has been a Holy day that has been overlook by most all believers. Yet, we believe it has significance still to this day. In fact, we remember and celebrate the 2nd Passover now instead of the first. Join us for this short teaching in hearing why we see the value in doing so.

The Last Day of Sukkot

With 5 pages of new content, this newly updated article is a MUST read! We’ve all pondered when and how things could play out in the end. This article will get you thinking on a possibility that many are overlooking.         The Last Day of Sukkot UPDATED 9-29-17 The...

Significance of the Holy Days

Have you ever wondered what the Holy Days really are? Are these appointed times for everyone? Many say that they are only for the “Jews”. This has truly become a misconception that has developed over the course of history. First, many assume that the Jews represent all of Israel, when in fact, they are only a small portion of it. There are many tribes that make up Israel as a whole.

YHWH’s Holy Days

Did you know God has His own calendar? He has special celebration days too. The only problem is the fact most believers do not know what they are, when they are, or how to observe them. Join us in learning about YHWH’s Holy Days.