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Your Enemy – 1 Kings 21:20

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1 Kings 21:20
Ahab said to Elijah, “So you have found me, my enemy!” “I have found you,” he answered, “because you have sold yourself to do evil in the eyes of YHWH.”

How sad. The King of Israel said the prophet of YHWH was his enemy. Hard to imagine, isn’t it? The man who spoke for the one true God was the enemy of the man who represented the people of the one true God.

Now obviously, no one who claims to be in the faith wants to think of themselves as an enemy of YHWH. It just seems impossible right? But it’s not impossible. In fact, sadly enough, it could be happening with many people at this very moment.

Don’t seek YHWH on your terms. Be careful who you allow to influence you. You may think the acquaintances in your circle don’t affect your decisions or lifestyle. But they do.

Remember, everything starts small. Weeds don’t just appear. They start as tiny seeds. If not kept in check, weeds can become your norm. The next thing you know, you may be calling YHWH’s prophet your enemy.

Let this be a focus in your time of meditation throughout the day. Until next time, Shalom.

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