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Used by the Enemy – Mark 8:32-33

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Mark 8:32-33
He spoke plainly about this, and Peter took him aside and began to rebuke him. But when Yeshua turned and looked at his disciples, he rebuked Peter. “Get behind me, Satan!” he said. “You do not have in mind the things of God, but the things of men.”

A friend of ours posted this verse on FaceBook once and I thought their comment was simply brilliant. They had noticed that when Yeshua rebukes Peter here, He doesn’t rebuke Peter to his face. Rather, He turns His back to Him. Placing Peter behind Him. Showing He understood it was a spiritual battle and not a personal one.

How easy it is for us to go through our everyday life and forget our battle is not against people. Yeshua rebuked Satan through Peter. Have you ever imaged that you were being used by Satan to oppose what YHWH is doing?

What a terrible thought to think that we could be allowing ourselves to be used by the enemy to oppose the work of YHWH. Surely Peter had no clue. We need to use caution in our actions, attitudes and in what we say to not be a tool of the enemy.

Let this be a focus in your time of meditation throughout the day. Until next time, Shalom.

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