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Off To War – 2 Samuel 11:1

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2 Samuel 11:1
In the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle, David sent Joab, and his servants with him, and all Israel. And they ravaged the Ammonites and besieged Rabbah. But David remained at Jerusalem.

“But David remained at Jerusalem.” In case you didn’t know, it’s in the following verses where we see David falls in temptation to Bathsheba. But think about this for a minute. Our text opens with saying “In the spring of the year, the time when kings go out to battle.” If David was doing what he should have been doing, that being going off to war with his army, he would have never seen Bathsheba.

That means he would have never of fallen to that temptation. He would have never had her husband killed to cover their sin. A man who was proven more righteous than he when he came back at Davids orders. So what’s the point in this? Do what you know the Father has for you to do. Be diligent in your service to the Father. Otherwise, temptation could be waiting.

Let this be a focus in your time of meditation throughout the day. Until next time, shalom!

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