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Help or Hindrance – Psalm 69:5

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Psalm 69:5
You know my folly, O God; my guilt is not hidden from you. May those who hope in you not be disgraced because of me, O Lord, YHWH Almighty; may those who seek you not be put to shame because of me, O God of Israel.

Whether you know it or not, people are watching you. Some may be criticizing. Some may be looking up to you. Some may not have an opinion established yet. But be sure of this, people are watching you.

Our actions, along with the consequences of our actions, can carry a lot of weight with some people. In fact, I’m convinced that many of us don’t realize the magnitude of influence that we as individuals have on others. It may be immediate family. It may be extended family. It may be friends. It may even be complete strangers who are watching from afar. But they’re watching.

Make these verses a regular prayer. May we never forget that eyes are watching us. May our lives always be a help to others and never a hindrance.

Let this be a focus in your time of meditation throughout the day. Until next time, shalom!

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