Join TorahFamily on a once in a lifetime Journey as we travel to Israel for 2nd Passover in 2019. We will be on a unique journey that has never been taken before. Highlighting this tour, you will visit the sites discussed by Jim Barfield and his team at the Copper Scroll Project. Though this will not be Jim’s first walk in the park to Israel, especially Qumran, we are excited to say we will be the first group he will walk through his research literally on site. Together, both Steve and Jim will lead you through an incredible Journey to find hidden treasures of our faith and uncover the footsteps of the Messiah.

The dates are May the 16th through May the 26th 2019. Click the button below if you would like to register to hold your spot or request more information from T2T Services. When doing so, please add this address to your mail box.  info@t2tservices