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Time Alone

Time Alone

When you really want to get to know someone, you spend time with that person. It’s true with any relationship. And that includes our relationship with our Heavenly Father. Are you more engaged in activities ABOUT Him than WITH Him? This week, Steve challenges us to...



If we allow righteousness to be defined by anything other than Yahweh's Word, doesn't that make it relative? So, whose definition of "righteousness" do you adhere to? What does the Bible define it as? Join Steve as he unpacks this imperative topic! Other teachings...

The Hunt for Truth

The Hunt for Truth

Pilate asked, "What is truth?” What’s your answer to that question? Do you listen, seek, search and strive for it with all of your being? Once the Truth is revealed to us, we are well-advised to embrace it and live it out!



What Biblical knowledge and insights do you have that others may not? How do you treat others that have a different understanding from yours? Have you ever been wrong before? In this teaching, Steve points out good reasons to show others mercy in humility. Don't miss...



A conference specifically designed for teens. Click the image for more info!

Our Teaching Series

Teachings for the whole family

We have a variety of teaching series geared towards different aspects of family life. 

Woman to Woman

Women are a powerful force within the Family and this series addresses the challenges women face and how to live as God has called us to live.

For Children by Children

A teaching series where children unlock and explain the Scriptures in a way kids can understand.

Let’s Go!

A teaching series designed for teenagers, covering topics and related issues, just for them.

3 Wise Guys

We are excited and thankful to have the 3 Wise Guys join The wisdom, joy, and laughter these guys bring to the table truly reaches far more than the “empty nesters and beyond.”

Iron 2 Iron

In this series, Steve and Gus go into the teaching with no idea of the topic that will be discussed. Both will dive into the topic with a thought provoking and entertaining conversation to quickly build after.

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