We’re Moving Back!

This last week our FaceBook “Likes” exceeded 8,000! We realize that is a small number to the majority of ministries out there. However, we are pretty excited about it.

Though we are indeed a small ministry, many assume we are larger than what we truly are. That assumption includes that we are a generously funded ministry as well. Yet, our only income is what we receive from our viewers like you. Last year, we had a few large donations that got us through and also provided us the ability to attain much needed equipment to help make our recordings reach a higher quality.

Let, it be known, that while recently we have had some close months in reaching our cost of living, our heavenly Father has always met our needs. (HalleluYah) We had hoped our base monthly income would be established by now to enable us to look into hiring much needed help. As it is, our base monthly income, which we are EXTREMELY thankful for, has not given us the ability to plan for growth to better serve in the future. This is why we are letting you know today of the needs we have.

As many of you know, we currently live in Costa Rica. We moved here as the cost of living was relatively cheaper. However, over the years, that cost has gone up. This has made a move back to the states more inviting. We recently made a move 5 months ago to an off grid farm to save on our monthly living expenses. We have been living on Solar power and a generator when needed. While the cost of housing is definitely cheaper, internet availability has been next to nothing. We had reason to believe the internet would be sufficient for our needs at the time of the move. Yet, it has proven the opposite. This has made working for the ministry very difficult and driving hours on a weekly basis just to upload our daily devotions and teachings.

As it is, we are currently looking to move back to the states by mid summer. This will improve our efforts in the ministry. Better internet is a given, yet this will also better enable us to travel for speaking engagements as well. We would greatly appreciate your prayers regarding this move.

If you have been blessed by Torah Family, could you please prayerfully consider becoming a monthly supporter? No amount is too small. In fact, if our 8,000 likes on FaceBook would start giving just a small amount, we could start looking into hiring help in multiple areas of our needs.

Though all of our teachings are free for download, we are hoping to start mastering DVDs to meet the many requests of people wanting to purchase them to give out to others. At the same time, we have opportunity to publish our daily devotions into book form. These are elements that could be accomplished much easier if we were able to hire help.

In all of this, please remember we are only funded by viewers like you. We humbly ask that you seek the Father in what you can do on a monthly basis.

If the Father so leads you to begin supporting Torah Family, click on the “Partner With Us” tab at the far right of the top menu on our home page. Then click on the “Donate” button on the bottom right. You will then be taken to our secure online account. You will be able to send your support there. To make it a monthly support, check the box that says “Make This Recurring.” When we are in the states, we will be able to set up a ministry account where we can begin receiving checks as well. Regardless of how the Father provides, we look forward to continue serving.

We are truly thankful the Father has given us this opportunity to serve His people in this capacity. We pray Torah Family is a blessing to you and an encouragement in this walk YHWH has called us all to. May we all continue to grow together until Messiah comes to take us home.

Growing in Him,

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