Grafted in

We’ve all heard that we’re grafted in, but just what does that mean exactly? To whom or what are we grafted in to? This 28 minute teaching gives great insight to understanding that the believer in Christ is a true Israelite. This is a teaching that every believer NEEDS to understand.

Significance of the Holy Days

Have you ever wondered what the Holy Days really are? Are these appointed times for everyone? Many say that they are only for the “Jews”. This has truly become a misconception that has developed over the course of history. First, many assume that the Jews represent all of Israel, when in fact, they are only a small portion of it. There are many tribes that make up Israel as a whole.


Questions, Questions, and More Questions… Everyone has them and here’s our answers for some of the most often asked questions.

YHWH’s Holy Days

Did you know God has His own calendar? He has special celebration days too. The only problem is the fact most believers do not know what they are, when they are, or how to observe them. Join us in learning about YHWH’s Holy Days.


Judah, the largest of the 12 tribes when the census was taken in the book of Numbers. There is much the Scriptures reveal to us about each of the 12 tribes, focusing heavily on Ephraim and Judah. While we may not agree on everything, we love our brother Judah and it is our strong desire for Israel to be restored as promised so long ago.

Woman to Woman

Here at TorahFamily, we are dedicated to encouraging each person in their walk with our Heavenly Father. I am excited to share with you what I believe the Father has laid upon my heart. Through the study of scripture, we pray your love for Him will continue to grow. Woman to Woman is designed for every woman, wife, or mother seeking after YHWH. My goal is to address those things that effect us in these roles the Father has given us. Not only the struggles, but also in the celebrations we have, being the woman that YHWH has made us.