NYSTV In-studio Interview

Steve goes live with Jon Pounders with his first in-studio interview at Now You See TV. Steve and Jon cover multiple topics for over two hours. Regardless of where you’re at with your walk with the Father, this is an interview worth watching.    ...

7 Ducks in a Muddy River

Pride is a powerful force. It can creep into one’s life ever so gently and disguise itself in so many ways. If left undetected and truthfully acknowledged, it will steal the life and blessings right out from under you. Join Steve in this message to examine our...

In Training

Steve presents a message at an assembly on how going through hard times is never fun. However, they are needed far more than what we want to admit. They form and shape us and are allowed into our lives by the Father for our good and His glory in this...

The Missing Key

Steve joins Now You See TV to discuss a subject that is all too often overlooked as elementary but rarely lived out as such. Join the conversation as Steve and Jake address the topic of Love head on.

Winter or Sabbath and the Start of the Great Tribulation

Will the birth pains to the tribulation​ begin in the Winter or on a Sabbath? Is this why the Words of the Messiah warned us to pray our flight would not take place during this time ​because we would want to escape before the proverbial clock strikes midnight. What are the signs that the Great Tribulation​ is about to begin? Steve joins NYSTV to discuss these topics and much more. Picking up from where he left off from the teaching “No More Delay,” Steve shares insights and thoughts to the what Yeshua could have meant regarding his statement in Matthew 24:20. It’s a conversation worth listening in on.