Seasons come and go. However, letting go of some seasons in our life can be a difficult thing for many. YHWH brings change in our life for our good. How well do you do when that change comes in your life?

Run! Don’t Walk

Running the race we are called to live is not always that easy. We often temped to slow down or even just turn it into a walk for whatever reason. Join in for this short teaching as Steve addresses the topic of running the race of life.

Water Under the Bridge

Steve addresses a topic that very few people like to talk about. Forgiveness. Oh, everybody wants to be forgiven. Yet, when it comes to forgiving others, well, that’s a different topic. Take a few minutes to consider this short teaching.

Dating 101

It seems the most common thing on the average teenagers’ mind is dating. So is that wrong? Not at all. However, are there other things that they could or even should be focusing on? Absolutely. This short teaching gives some things to dwell on before letting oneself focus on a dating relationship.

Because You’re Young

Let’s Go! Teaching for Youth. It seems that the youth are almost always looked down upon with little respect. Have you ever felt that to be true for you? Why do you think that is the case? What steps are you willing to take to change that in your life? Take 7 minutes out of your day to consider your course of action through this short teaching.

Poo Poo

“Let’s Go!” is a teaching series just for teens! In a world where we are bombarded with advertisements to get this or buy that, Steve brings a perspective that few consider. There can be “things” in our life that we may allow to take a priority in our everyday living. Things that can truly effect our walk with YHWH. Even people, circumstances or goals can easily be elevated too high in our life if not kept in check. Maybe it’s time to change our perspective on these “things”.