Men of YHWH – Chapter 12 – Sacrifice

Becoming a man of YHWH is something we learn and grow into. It doesn’t happen over night. In fact, as long as we are alive on this side of eternity, we should be constantly becoming more like our Heavenly Father. Continually growing into a man of YHWH. In this 12th chapter of a never ending book to come, we look at the topic of Sacrifice.

Declaring the End from the Beginning

In this teaching, Steve gives a general overview in explaining how the Tribulation may actually only last 6 months. Many snicker or even scoff at the mention of such an idea. However, once they hear Steve’s presentation, they realize it’s not that far fetched and truly has Biblical support to be considered. While addressing several topics in this teaching, he also touches on why he now believes in a pre-tribulation rapture. This teaching was recorded at the Isaiah 46:10 Conference in Beaumont Texas in July of 2017.

Where are the Weeping Prophets?

It seems many today like to think of themselves in the light of a prophet who declare the word of YHWH. It’s as if they believe they have the right or even “calling” to condemn others for not following the scriptures. Take the next 30 minutes and join Steve as he addresses this topic. This message was recorded at the Isaiah 46:10 conference in Beaumont, Texas.

The Anger of YHWH

Have you ever wondered what makes YHWH angry? Have you ever wondered where His anger is first mentioned in the scriptures and why? You might be surprised at the answer.

Who Do You Follow?

Have you ever asked yourself why you believe what you believe? Most all of us would say we believe and follow what the Bible instructs. However, have you truly examined that belief in depth? Or do you just trust your leaders in guiding your belief system. Who’s example are you really following? You might be surprised.

Dance With Me

“Dance with me.” These are words we don’t usually imagine coming from YHWH. However, when we consider how we are to keep our lives in perfect step with him, life truly can be considered a dance. In that perspective, how well are we dancing? Are we keeping in time? Are we following His lead? Take a few moments here to do some self evaluations on our dance with the Father.

His Sacrifice

There has been many discussions and debates as to what Yeshua’s sacrifice accomplished for us. In a prelude to a much larger teaching to come, Steve briefly addresses this topic in hopes to bring clarity to the issue. This is a teaching that will be of value for all believers in their walk.