Seasons come and go. However, letting go of some seasons in our life can be a difficult thing for many. YHWH brings change in our life for our good. How well do you do when that change comes in your life?

The Return of the Tent

Many are looking for another temple to be made. However, what if it’s not a stone temple but rather the tent of meeting that is to be set up in the end times? Join Steve as he examines this interesting perspective. Plus, Steve looks at the possibilities of how Hanukkah and Purim could play a role in the end times.


Most everyone that I know would agree Yeshua fulfilled the Law. The question is, what does that
really mean? Though many may be saying the same thing, their definition of fulfill proves they are meaning polar opposites. So what is YOUR definition of fulfill? Does it mean to abolish or to fully live?

The Ship that Couldn’t Sink

Many of us were told the Law of YHWH was done away with all our life. Making it a “fact” in our mind. That makes it hard for us to consider the possibility of anything that opposes that “fact.” Join Steve in this short teaching that encourages us to truly examine the “facts” of the Law being done away with.

Well Done

Well Done. Those are the words everybody longs to hear once we cross over to the other side. Yet, what does it take to hear those words spoken to us? Do we have to do anything at all or is just based on faith? What does is mean to please YHWH? Take a few minutes to consider some thoughts in how we should be living our lives if we desire to hear “Well done.”

This is Grace?

Many people have gone with the assumption that the Old Testament is all about the Law and the New Testament is all about grace. That may sound good on the surface, however, when looking at the scriptures we see something different. Join Steve in this short teaching to...

The Church of Philadelphia (Remastered) + NEW Content

If the topic of the church of Philadelphia has ever interested you, then this teaching is for you. The Church of Philadelphia is probably the most talked about of the seven churches in Revelation. Much could be discussed regarding this body of believers. However, the question we wish to address here is the nature of their protection and purpose of their selection. How does it happen? What takes place for them once they are protected? Join us as we search into some interesting perspectives regarding this body of believers.

Signs in the Heavens?

Many have been talking about the eclipse of August 21 and the constellation of Virgo with September 23. There are those who have been declaring warnings. There are those who completely dismiss them altogether in an almost mocking fashion. These extreme views have left many with an, almost, apathetic attitude.

Can we find a balance in it all? Could these events have significance but just not what so many are declaring? That may truly be the case. In fact, Steve has found many things that have slipped under the radar for most regarding these celestial events that are truly worth considering.

This teaching is an interview from a podcast made into a video. Watch carefully as some slides are important to note but are not referred to in the audio.