The Missing Key

Steve joins Now You See TV to discuss a subject that is all too often overlooked as elementary but rarely lived out as such. Join the conversation as Steve and Jake address the topic of Love head on.

Men of YHWH Chapter 15 – Don’t be a Fool

Becoming a man of YHWH is something we learn and grow into. It doesn’t happen over night. In fact, as long as we are alive on this side of eternity, we should be constantly becoming more like our Heavenly Father. Continually growing into a man of YHWH. In this 15th chapter of a never ending book to come, we look at several traits of the Biblical Fool.


Steve delivers a powerful message at the 2018 Camp Mashiach on what it takes to live the example to those around us. Though this message was delivered to teens, it applies to all ages.

Watching for that Day

If you’ve ever had any interest in studying the end times, this is a teaching you don’t want to pass up. Steve presents an understanding regarding Yeshua’s return that has simply been overlooked until now. However, both the Old and New Testaments speak of it. This 25 minute teaching will radically change your understanding of the possibilities to Yeshua’s return and how the end times may play out. Watch it. Share it. See what we may have all been missing in plain sight.