Who Do You Follow?

Have you ever asked yourself why you believe what you believe? Most all of us would say we believe and follow what the Bible instructs. However, have you truly examined that belief in depth? Or do you just trust your leaders in guiding your belief system. Who’s example are you really following? You might be surprised.

Dance With Me

“Dance with me.” These are words we don’t usually imagine coming from YHWH. However, when we consider how we are to keep our lives in perfect step with him, life truly can be considered a dance. In that perspective, how well are we dancing? Are we keeping in time? Are we following His lead? Take a few moments here to do some self evaluations on our dance with the Father.

His Sacrifice

There has been many discussions and debates as to what Yeshua’s sacrifice accomplished for us. In a prelude to a much larger teaching to come, Steve briefly addresses this topic in hopes to bring clarity to the issue. This is a teaching that will be of value for all believers in their walk.

Acts 10: To Eat or Not to Eat?

Many people read Acts chapter 10 and say: “There you have it. All things are now clean for food.” Yet, they don’t understand this text has nothing to do with food at all. This teaching is critical for anyone who thinks Acts 10 is about God redefining His dietary instructions.

Run! Don’t Walk

Running the race we are called to live is not always that easy. We often temped to slow down or even just turn it into a walk for whatever reason. Join in for this short teaching as Steve addresses the topic of running the race of life.

Men of YHWH Ch 11 – Leaving a Legacy

Becoming a man of YHWH is something we learn and grow into. It doesn’t happen over night. In fact, as long as we are alive on this side of eternity, we should be constantly becoming more like our Heavenly Father. Continually growing into a man of YHWH. In this 11th chapter of a never ending book to come, we look at the topic of leaving a legacy for our family.

Last Man Standing

Last Man Standing is a message that every believer needs to hear. You may think you’re doing good for the kingdom when you talk to others about the scriptures. However, you may be doing far more damage than you can imagine. It’s odd to think we could be doing harm to the kingdom when we’re trying to promote it. Yet, attitude and delivery carries far more weight to the discussion than you may think.