The King of the North

There has been much speculation on the King of the North found in Daniel chapters ten and eleven. Yet, could it be possible that we have missed a few clues in identifying this King? Clues that have been right in front of us the whole time. Join us for this short teaching as we examine some familiar scriptures from a different perspective.

Pursuing Without the Ark

The mystery of the of the Ark of the Covenant has intrigued millions over the past centuries. There are multiple theories and ideas of how the ark went missing and where it could be at this very moment. Yet, we believe there is an important lesson being overlooked in the disappearance of the ark. That lesson is how the Law was still being pursued by the people of YHWH even though the ark was not in the second temple. Join us as we take a deeper look into how that lesson effects believers today just the same.

The Acts 15 Dilemma

Acts 15 has been used by many of us at one point or another to say the Law has been done away with. Yet, is that understanding really true? Join us as we look a little deeper into the dilemma of Acts 15 to find out what conclusion the New Testament leaders decided for those who were just coming to the faith.

Trained Professionals

A Professional is someone who has been schooled at a certain skill. This enables the individual to obtain an occupation through this skill. Yet, does the professional have no more need for learning after graduation? Can a master be taught by a student? This small teaching takes a quick look at “Biblical” professionals.

Hearts O’Fire

Few find the Old Testament exciting to read. Though reasons will vary, we have to ask ourselves just why this is the case. Could it be because we truly don’t understand how the Old Testament flows with the New? If someone told you that they get excited about reading the Old Testament, what would you think? Before you answer too quickly, please consider this brief teaching on the topic.

The Narrow Gate

In order to get through the narrow gate, one must be on the narrow path. Yet, just how narrow is it? After all, it seems that everyone believes that they are on it. Since this is the case, how can we find the definition of the narrow road? Biblically speaking that is. Take a few minutes to dig into the scriptures to find the path to the Narrow gate.

Serious Questions

We all like to think we have a good understanding of the Scriptures and our faith. However, how do we respond when our faith is challenged? Though most of us will confess we don’t have all the answers, how do we respond when confronted with the possibility that what we believe could be wrong? Do we reject it? Or do we search the scriptures for truth with a humble heart? Here are some questions that might cause you to do some searching on your understanding of the scriptures.

Don’t Be a Judaizer

In order for someone to not be a Judaizer, they need to know what a Judaizer is. Most all of us have heard that term before. Yet, odds are, the Biblical definition for that term, and those like it, may not be what you think.