The Righteous Judge

The Scriptures declare YHWH is a righteous judge. That’s something most all believe. Should we think YHWH gave His law to show we don’t have the ability to follow His righteousness? If one holds to that line of thought, can He remain The Righteous Judge?

We are the Body

Can the eye say to the hand “I don’t need you?” Of course not. However, what is our perspective regarding the body of Messiah? Join Steve in this short message on an important topic.

Watching for that Day

If you’ve ever had any interest in studying the end times, this is a teaching you don’t want to pass up. Steve presents an understanding regarding Yeshua’s return that has simply been overlooked until now. However, both the Old and New Testaments speak of it. This 25 minute teaching will radically change your understanding of the possibilities to Yeshua’s return and how the end times may play out. Watch it. Share it. See what we may have all been missing in plain sight.

The Assembly

Many have said the Church and Israel are two separate entities. However, when we look at the scriptures, we see YHWH has always had one people. His people. Those who chose to follow His ways. Are you a part of the assembly of YHWH?