Trained Professionals

A Professional is someone who has been schooled at a certain skill. This enables the individual to obtain an occupation through this skill. Yet, does the professional have no more need for learning after graduation? Can a master be taught by a student? This small teaching takes a quick look at “Biblical” professionals.

Hearts O’Fire

Few find the Old Testament exciting to read. Though reasons will vary, we have to ask ourselves just why this is the case. Could it be because we truly don’t understand how the Old Testament flows with the New? If someone told you that they get excited about reading the Old Testament, what would you think? Before you answer too quickly, please consider this brief teaching on the topic.

The Narrow Gate

In order to get through the narrow gate, one must be on the narrow path. Yet, just how narrow is it? After all, it seems that everyone believes that they are on it. Since this is the case, how can we find the definition of the narrow road? Biblically speaking that is. Take a few minutes to dig into the scriptures to find the path to the Narrow gate.

Serious Questions

We all like to think we have a good understanding of the Scriptures and our faith. However, how do we respond when our faith is challenged? Though most of us will confess we don’t have all the answers, how do we respond when confronted with the possibility that what we believe could be wrong? Do we reject it? Or do we search the scriptures for truth with a humble heart? Here are some questions that might cause you to do some searching on your understanding of the scriptures.

Don’t Be a Judaizer

In order for someone to not be a Judaizer, they need to know what a Judaizer is. Most all of us have heard that term before. Yet, odds are, the Biblical definition for that term, and those like it, may not be what you think.

Trash It

There are times when we just need to get serious and evaluate all the “things” in our life. To prioritize them and see what we can, or should, remove. Take 12 minutes from you busy schedule to consider this short message on a topic everyone should consider more than just once.

Armageddon and the Parousia

There are so many questions that prophecy can ignite within us. This teaching will hopefully answer some of those for you. Many of us have had ideas on topics regarding prophecy that we believe to be solid and grounded in scripture. Yet, what if they aren’t as solid as we thought? Looking at things in a different light can be challenging for us all. However, it can be a fun ride at the same time. If you’re ready for that ride, then we invite you to sit down, buckle your seat belt and hold on tight. ‘Cause here we go.

Home for the Holidays 2

In this second part of the “Home for the Holidays” teaching, we cover more situations that arise at the Christmas season. How we should react in these situations? How can we prevent them from the start? If you found the first teaching beneficial, you will will find this second part to be of equal value.