Armageddon and the Parousia

There are so many questions that prophecy can ignite within us. This teaching will hopefully answer some of those for you. Many of us have had ideas on topics regarding prophecy that we believe to be solid and grounded in scripture. Yet, what if they aren’t as solid as we thought? Looking at things in a different light can be challenging for us all. However, it can be a fun ride at the same time. If you’re ready for that ride, then we invite you to sit down, buckle your seat belt and hold on tight. ‘Cause here we go.

Home for the Holidays 2

In this second part of the “Home for the Holidays” teaching, we cover more situations that arise at the Christmas season. How we should react in these situations? How can we prevent them from the start? If you found the first teaching beneficial, you will will find this second part to be of equal value.

Home for the Holidays

The “Holiday” season can be a difficult time for those of us who believe that Christmas is not a day we should celebrate. There will always be family or friends who simply do not read the scriptures with the same understanding. Tensions can develop or escalate with passion on both sides.
So how do we maintain our faith while trying to keep relations open? What should our responses be to those who disagree with us. What if you are the only one in your family that holds this view? If you find yourself asking these questions, this teaching might be just what you are looking for.

The Heart of Daniel

Daniel is a prophet that is referred to quite often when it comes to discussing the end times. However, have you ever wondered just why YHWH chose to reveal what He did to Daniel? So many commonly go to the end of Daniel chapter 9 to do their studies. What would happen if we chose to go to the beginning of Daniel chapter 9 to do our studies? Join us in this teaching as we examine what YHWH saw in the heart of Daniel and will hopefully find in us.

Prophecy 2

Did you know that the tribulation is made for believers? That’s right. Believers. Biblical cycles show that YHWH always brings judgement on those who refuse to purify themselves in hopes that they will return to Him. Picking up from the first prophecy teaching, we briefly discus the pattern of those cycles and where we might be in that pattern today. We also discuss where Yeshua got His basis for the parable of the ten virgins.

Just Tell Them

It’s so tempting to not want to share the Truth with people at times. Especially if they appear to show animosity or even spite towards the faith. But is that an excuse to not share the Truth with them when you know the Spirit is prompting you to say something? Join us in this 18 minute teaching as we discuss our obligation of sharing the Truth with others.

2nd Coming vs 2nd Appearing

In our teaching “As in the Days of Noah” we mentioned how the phrase “second coming” is not found in the scriptures. In fact, we show how Yeshua technically already came a second time. So why do we hear so many say that we are looking for Yeshua’s “second coming”? Join us in this short teaching as we try to overcome a common misconception and explain what the scriptures give us on this topic.

Why We’re Not 501c3

In the never ending debate if a ministry should be 501c3 or not, there are reasons that support both sides to the topic. We have prayerfully considered and come to the conclusion to forgo that option for Torah Family. We hope this short explanation helps answer the many e-mails we receive on the topic.