Armageddon and the Parousia – NYSTV Q&A

It’s been said that Steve has shattered decades of thinking with the teaching “Armageddon and the Parousia”. It’s a teaching that will cause many to pause and start rethinking what they thought they already knew. A teaching that will cause many to stop and open the scriptures to examine more closely.

In this video, Steve returns to Now You See TV to take questions to this ground shaking teaching. A teaching that is making everyone rethink their end-time theology.

It is strongly advised to watch the teaching before watching this show. Armageddon and the Parousia

The Missing Peace in the Body

Division in the body of Messiah seems to be taking place all around. This division is robbing peace from the body. In this teaching we see four brothers in YHWH who love and respect each other greatly yet disagree on some rather big issues. However, despite their disagreements, they do not allow those differences to divide them. It is their prayer that you will make the time to watch this and join them in overcoming the enemy from needless division.