Levi’s Little Lectures: Jealousy

In his first teaching ever, Levi starts his new teaching series off with a lesson on Jealousy. Jealousy is a topic that can impact the lives of children ages 1 to 99. Take a few minutes to consider this short lesson on the life of Joseph and his brothers.

Controlling the Tongue

All of us speak words everyday. But how many of those words should we not be saying? Have you ever stopped to think about that? Controlling our tongue is not always easy, but as you see, it’s needed.
Take a few minutes to listen to this teaching and start controlling your tongue today!

Knowing YHWH

Do you know YHWH? A lot of people talk about him. Yet, that doesn’t mean they know Him. What does it take to get to know Him? Take a few minutes to listen to this teaching and start getting to know Him today!


Being angry can really bring out some bad attitudes if we aren’t careful. Plus, our anger can get us into a lot of trouble too. Moses found that out the hard way. Watch this teaching and you’ll see what we mean.

Complaining and Arguing

It’s so easy to just want things our own way. When we let that feeling take control in our hearts, the next thing to follow is complaining and arguing. So, do you ever complain and argue. If you do, then take a few minutes and watch this teaching!

Armor of YHWH

Do you know what the Armor of YHWH is? If you do, are you wearing it? It’s VERY easy to forget that we are in a war. This is because we don’t see the war with our eyes or hear it with our ears. We hope this teaching will help you remember.


Dealing with bullies is never fun. But sometimes we are forced in situations where we have to stand strong. Then we also have to ask ourselves “Are we the bullies”?